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Angelina Jolie photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, June 2005

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There’s no special moment because there were so many. I remember sitting under the banyan trees and listening to Naveen Andrews play the guitar, and everybody singing songs. I won’t forget that. But more than anything, it’s just about coming to work with these people, working your way through a scene, collaborating on a scene, working as actors and developing a scene. It’s always different. You look at the call sheet in the morning and you see Jorge [Garcia] or Michael [Emerson] or Josh [Holloway] or Dan [Dae Kim], or anybody, and you get excited about that day. It’s been pretty sweet. | Terry O’Quinn (x

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She is soo fine !

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Edward Scissorhands, 1990

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This is literally my favorite thing someone has ever said.

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american sex education

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